MGE e Milantractor alongside flood-affected communities in Emilia-Romagna

MGE e Milantractor, in compliance with the contract stipulated with Enel concerning immediate assistance in the event of an electrical emergency, intervened in Emilia-Romagna in a timely manner following the hydrogeological disaster that affected the region and in particular the provinces of Forlì, Cesena and Ravenna. The flooding of more than 20 rivers and the numerous landslides have caused power outages in many municipalities and in the countryside; in this critical situation, the rapid intervention of our two subsidiaries was of fundamental importance. To date, 150 generators ranging from 100kVA to 500kVA and 1.000kVA and 2.000kVA power station have been delivered.

In detail, the areas where MGE and Milantractor are at work are Ravenna, Conselice, Cesena, Forli, Faenza and Castrocaro.

At the intervention sites, 4 teams of specialized technicians have been organized, stationed on site, who deal with the installation, transport and refueling of all the gensets and power plants used, ready to face  any emergency situation; such as the one that occurred on the night of May 18-19, which required the unexpected displacement of the gensets stationed at the Enel shipyard in Ravenna, due to the warning of a flash flood.

The city of Imola was also affected by the floods, and in particular it was necessary to intervene in the areas of the Autodromo Enzo Ferrari, to recover and secure 60 generators and lighting towers, previously transported as emergency units for the FORMULA 1 Grand Prix stage, which was later cancelled due to the floods. Thanks to a rapid organization of activities, the technical teams intervened very quickly, moving the equipment to storage areas.

The weather alert also extended to the Piedmont region, and here, too, Milantractor sent 40 generating sets of 60/100kVA; fortunately, this time it was only a precautionary shipment that did not require them to be put into operation.

The collaboration of the two companies with Enel is based on years of mutually satisfactory work carried out together. In fact, MGE and MT always have countless generator sets, power plants and lighting towers ready for use, tested and refueled, distributed throughout the national territory in the collection centers created for this purpose, available for any intervention related to natural disasters, power plant breakdowns or plant modernization works that require an interruption of the national service. Within 24/48 hours, MGE and Milantractor can bring the specific units required to the site of the intervention and immediately put them into operation to support the power company.