BGG S.p.A. acquires Powerlite Australia Pty Ltd

Bruno Generators Group, a global leader in the production of power generators, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Powerlite Australia, a company specialized in the distribution and servicing of high-quality electric power generators with around fifty years of history in the Australian market. 

This acquisition represents a significant opportunity for Bruno Generators Group to expand its presence in the Pacific region by establishing its own direct commercial presence. Powerlite, based in Sydney, has built a solid reputation in the distribution and servicing of high-quality generators for a wide range of sectors, including industry, agriculture, mining, and construction, establishing long-term relationships with high-standing customers. 

The CEO of Bruno Generators Group, Renato Bruno, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition of Powerlite, highlighting that the Australian company has demonstrated a strong capacity for innovation and customer service, characteristics that reflect the values and philosophy of the group. 

“This acquisition allows us to further expand our global reach and consolidate our presence in an area characterized by interesting growth prospects,” said the CEO of Bruno Generators Group. “Powerlite has demonstrated a strong reputation and a great capacity for innovation, and we are excited to integrate it into our family of companies.”

Powerlite will continue to operate under its own brand and with its highly qualified team of professionals, but will now be able to benefit from the resources and experience of Bruno Generators Group to accelerate its growth and offer even greater value to its customers. 

The acquisition of Powerlite is an important step for Bruno Generators Group in its mission to offer high-quality, sustainable, and innovative energy solutions worldwide.